B&Q Bathroom planning

B&Q Bathroom planning

*This is a paid for post for B&Q

We have wanted to update our bathroom for ages now. You’ll see from our feed that our bathroom is relatively small with a shower over the bath, and a vanity unit providing the only storage with a basin on top.

 We would much prefer to have a separate bath and shower but could never really figure out how this could work whilst still giving us space to maneuver around easily.

We have teamed up with B&Q to test out their bathroom planner, incorporating items from the GoodHome Bathroom range. The planner allows you to enter room measurements and accurately place where your windows and doors are so that you can easily visualize how the finished bathroom could look.

 You can then drop in the bathroom features that you require in your bathroom all whilst viewing it in 2D, 3D and in a 360 degrees rotation.

We began to gather some inspiration by looking through the B&Q GoodHome brochure and created a moodboard.

I’d love to replace the chequered flooring with something a bit more in keeping with the style of the rest of our house. I’d also like to update the paint to either a softer grey or a sage green, such as GoodHome emulsion in Manhattan matte and Kilkenny matte to tie in with the greenery we already have in our bathroom.

 I love the circular vorma basin and want to incorporate the Brean Chrome plated bath pillar taps which, we already have elsewhere in our home.

If you’re looking to update your bathroom then check out the B&Q planner tool and the GoodHome Bathroom range to see how you can create your new space.


*This is a paid for post for B&Q

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