Creating a cosy dining room

Creating a cosy dining room

We moved into our house from a tiny 1800’s cottage, which, at one point had a coal shed in the kitchen and an outdoor toilet. Tea every night was on our laps, which was fine, but entertaining was a definite no-no. One thing I love about Edwardian houses is the large dining rooms they have. Quite often people knock through from the living room, which looks fab but I kind of like keeping it separate. It makes it a much cosier environment to have dinner in with friends (and also means you can use it as a bit of a dumping ground!).

Dining Room


Our dining room, as with all the rooms, was magnolia. It had the beautiful cast iron fireplace but it felt a little out of place with the basic walls. It was nice to sit in for a quick-lunch but as we also have our kitchen table for this, we wanted the dining room to have a much more grander, opulent feel.

Our first purchase was the dining room table. We never wanted a highly polished table that we would worry about scratching or spilling drinks on. We wanted an old farmhouse style table that was a little bashed up and stained. The sort of table that almost looked better with spilt candle wax and a splash of red wine on it. The best place to find these items are always Ebay. We searched and found an independent seller around 30 miles from us and it was a real bargain at £100. To accompany it we chose three rattan style chairs one side, two comfy accent chairs at each end( don’t do our chairs anymore but these are the most similar)  and as space was a little tight the other side we bought a cushioned bench seat. I love the mix of chair styles and the bench seat means you can cram more people in or tuck it in out the way if it’s not needed.

Dining Room


We wanted to paint the room in a rich, dark shade but to be honest; we never quite expected it to be this dark! We painted one wall in Bottlenose dolphin by Valspar Paint and thought, shit that’s dark, but persevered and absolutely loved it. We left the fireplace wall crisp white so that the dark fireplace didn’t get lost in the navy. Once we changed the over table lighting to a chandelier light and added in a 1970’s style lamp in the corner for a bit of mood lighting, it felt welcoming and warm. Add in a flickering candle and it’s such a lovely space to play games, have a gossip over a take away or sit and down a bottle of red with friends.

Dining room

For Christmas I bought Adam a vintage brass hostess trolley, again a purchase from EBay. Not only does it look attractive sitting in the corner it also serves a great purpose for wheeling over for the odd gin (or three). I also bought a large disco ball from EBay, which reflects a fab starry light.

The dining room also has patio doors into the garden so during the day there is still a lot of light that floods in. In the summer we fling these doors open and wheel the gin bar out onto the decking, I literally can’t wait for the warmer days again.

You can shop some of our dining room soft furnishings below.

Please leave us a comment if you have any questions on our dining room and cheers to BBQ weather on the horizon!

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  1. Margaret (liljessiemay on instagram)
    April 7, 2018 / 9:39 pm

    You really have created a cosy dining room but your photos show how light and bright and cheery it looks too. I love that. You have inspired me… my dining room needs some tlc but I can see with a bit of imagination and only a little money, I would transform it. Enjoy your lovely room!

    • Stacey
      April 11, 2018 / 8:57 am

      Thanks so much Margaret and best of luck with your transformation.x

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