We work with brands in numerous ways including Sponsored content, Paid for posts, affiliate links and on a gifting basis.

We fully disclose in each blog post and on our main Instagram feed when one of these methods has been used.

Sponsored content will be credited when we have worked with a brand and have included key messaging set out by the brand.

Ad or paid for partnership will be credited when we have created either a blog post or Instagram post/story and have been paid a fee by the brand.

Gifted items will be credited when we have been sent items by a brand for free to feature on our blog or Instagram.

Affilate links will be credited on our blog and Instagram posts/stories when used. Affiliate links when clicked on and purchased from will pay us a very small percentage. The product does not cost the consumer any more money.

We only ever work with brands that we believe fits our platform and that our followers would be interested in. We don’t accept guest posts and all images used are my own. If images from other sources are used, they will always be tagged as so.

Any questions please do contact me for more information, I’m happy to discuss how I work with brands.