Fitting your own Shutters

Fitting your own Shutters
We were Gifted our upstairs shutters by the Shutter Store UK. #Sponsored

I always love how old traditions and styles come back around. In the 70’s we ripped out all of the original fireplaces and coving, these days it would be criminal to do this.
Living in a beautiful market town with many 17 th Century buildings I often notice all of the huge shuttered windows on my mooch about town. These are the solid wooden tier on tier shutters, preventing me from having a nose through the window, how rude of them!
Shutters are a feature we have wanted to add to our house for ages. We are street frontage on a moderately busy road (as busy as rural Suffolk gets anyway), we also just really enjoy how they look.
After getting married in February we received mainly money as gifts and as we have mostly everything else we need we decided to put it towards some shutters for our living room. It’s not the Maldives but you can’t have everything can you!
After perusing the options available we decided to go with The shutter store UK. The reason we selected them was because they were really good value and cheaper than a lot of other brands we had seen. They can keep their costs down a little because you have to personally measure and install the shutters. I know that may put some people off but honestly the scariest bit is measuring. Installing them was a piece of cake.

The shutters we chose were the Tier on Tier Essential Shutters in white with tilt rods and brass hinges. Ours overlap the window cill rather than sitting in the recess. This was the best option for our particular window style.

The ordering process
The website is very well laid out, making it pretty simple to order what you need. It takes you through each stage of designing your shutters. You can select the wood, the style; add in your personal measurements, how many panels and how you want them to fold along with the colour of the hinges. Some parts are a little bit of a brain teaser to get your head around and you do really need to consider if you want the shutters to sit on the ledge or overlap the sill or how they will fold depending on your window style. Sit down to do this when you have no distractions because it’s essential to get it right and understand how it will look. There are help sections on the website if you need explanations and loads of tutorials for each step.

They have tutorials to show you how to measure your individual type of window so take a watch of that first. For our window style, which is a squared bay window, we had to measure the top, middle and bottom. If you have an old house like us then you will most likely find that the windows are a few millimeters out from the top compared to the bottom. This is fine because you need to enter the smallest of the three measurements (top, middle, bottom) on the site. They make the shutters to the smallest measurement, as this will ensure the shutters fit snuggly, rather than having gaps. However if you have an alternative window to ours then follow their guide on measuring. After measuring and submitting your order someone from The Shutter store will call you to talk through your measurements, to double check that everything is as it should be.


  • When your shutters arrive, they are clearly labeled up so you will know which shutter is for which window.

  • First step is to lay the frame out. Each part of the frame is labeled top, left, right and bottom. These connect together by simply slotting in an ‘L’  shaped peg.

  • Lift the frame into place and using a thin screwdriver mark the wall through the pre-drilled holes in the frame so that you know where to drill a hole for you rawl plugs (you need your own rawl plugs but the screws are provided).

  • Once rawl plugs are in place, lift the frame back on and screw the frame to the wall. Easy peasy!

  • The next part is dropping in the shutter. The hinges are already on the frame so all you need to do is drop the pin on the frame into the hollow of the hinge on the shutter and they are secure.

  • This fitting is for our personal type of window but there is loads of help and advice on the Shutter Store UK website to guide you.

We paid £750 for our downstairs shutters. We were quoted £600 for a pair of curtains to fit our huge windows so this felt like a great alternative that wouldn’t date like a pair of curtains would.
After purchasing our downstairs shutters The Shutter Store UK contacted us to say how they loved the look of the shutters in our living room and very kindly offered to complete the look of our house by providing shutters for our upstairs bedroom window for free.
In the interest of complete transparency, we personally paid for our downstairs window however have been gifted our upstairs window.
The Shutter Store UK have also given us a 10% discount code for anyone to use on their site when purchasing shutters. On checkout simply pop in ‘ENDOFTHEROW10’ to receive your discount, valid until 30 th September 2018 (this excluded express delivery).
Any questions on the shutters or the process then please ask in the comments or fire your questions over to the guys here, they are very helpful.

There is around a 12 week wait time from ordering to receiveing your shutters so be prepaired for 3 months of excitedly waiting! If you fancy having some shutters for a cosy christmas then definitely order in the next few weeks.

Visit The Shutter Store UK here.

We were Gifted our upstairs shutters by the Shutter Store UK. #Sponsored

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