How we picked our Living Room colour palette

How we picked our Living Room colour palette

The living room is probably the room we spend the most time in and was the first room we decorated when we moved in. I love colonial inspired homes with leafy palms and mixed textures of velvet and leather in earthy tones with the occasional pop of colour for a bit of interest. I always think you need three main colours in one room to make it flow. For this room we went with grey, green and black.

Older homes can really handle lots of patterns going on at the same time and I wanted to create a cosy room that had opulence without feeling arrogant. If I’m honest, I literally clean once a week (sometimes a week and a half) so we needed a room that had low maintenance fabrics with dark enough shades to hide the daily grubbiness but that wouldn’t feel dismal. We were so lucky that our fireplace in the living room is completely usable and also features the beautiful original tiling. The tiles on the hearth are an emerald green and the surround tiles on the fire are a mix of sage and white. Luckily we are fans of green so we decided to use those tones as our inspiration. We already had a beige settee and a dark leather settee and although we don’t particularly love either, we had to prioritise where we were spending money so just purchased new cushions and throws to jazz them up a bit. The walls were painted in a muted grey called Moonshot by Valspar and we added a rug to the centre of the room to add a little pattern and warmth back underfoot. Over time we have added art to the walls and additional corner lamps so that we don’t always have to have “The big light” on (everyone calls it the big light, right?). Our most recent addition was the fabulous ottoman from Swoon Editions in Emerald. I literally love this footstool almost as much as my husband. It’s velvet, which is completely impractical with a toddler and attracts every piece of dust floating about, but it’s worth it. It finishes off the room, nice underfoot and doubles as a table if you fancy having a bit of a carpet picnic on a Saturday night. Just don’t drop any bloody Hummus on it!

If you are thinking about a statement footstool I can highly recommend Swoon Editions but definitely order some fabric swatches, as they come up deeper tones that you imagine. Also you need to be prepared to wait around 10 weeks for them to be made and shipped. You will also spend half your time hoovering crumbs out of the dimples but there is worse problems to have isn’t there! Shop our living room below


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