Otty Mattress Review

Otty Mattress Review

The Otty mattress and pillow were Gifted items for review

If you have been following us on our Instagram page then you will know we have been gradually ‘doing-up’ our 2 year-olds bedroom.

I’ve spoken about the various pieces within her room that I up-cycled and how I decorated the room for her but the key piece we needed was the mattress.

Up until now she had still been in her cot bed with the sides off of it. She’s quite a cautious little girl so we didn’t want to suddenly change everything all at once with regards to her bedroom. We took our time and let her help us paint (and then re-painted when she had gone to bed), and also let her have some decisions in the items she preferred in her new room.

She chose her iron bed and specified it to be in pink and also picked out her bed linen. After all of this was purchased we were just left to purchase the mattress.

Otty had previously contacted us to see if we would be interested in collaborating in return for a single mattress and two Otty pillows. We were thrilled to be asked and after a little research on the brand, we said “Ta very much, that would be fab!”

We selected the UK single mattress for her bed, which measures 90 x 190 x 25cm. The best thing about these mattresses is that they come vacuum packed into a tight roll, making it easy to haul it up the stairs and un-pack, all without too much excess packaging to get rid of.

The mattress is filled with over 2000 springs that are enclosed within pockets. It actually doesn’t feel like a spring mattress because there is a layer of memory foam on the top layer. This memory foam is also infused with a gel, which keeps your body cool. We have spent many hours laying on it reading to her and have both commented that it actually feels more comfortable than our own mattress!

Another plus point for us was that the outer covering is washable. You can remove it and sling it in a normal 40 degrees wash. Perfect when you have little ones.

We also tested out the Otty pillows on Matilda’s bed but found they were too firm for her. I have been using one underneath my regular feather pillow and have quite enjoyed the firmness. It’s nice to prop yourself up on and when you do lie on it, it holds its shape completely. Adam has found it is too hard for him and prefers a softer squishy pillow, honestly, he’s such a diva! If you are someone who likes a supportive pillow that also has the same cooling technology then it’s worth a look.

Our mattress and the two pillows were gifted to us from Otty but as with anything that we accept as a gift, we only agree to collaboration if it is something we would actually purchase.

The company are very professional and can talk you through your purchase. The delivery was organised and on the day it was due I had regular text updates of the expected time of delivery. I also had a courtesy call 30 minutes before arrival just to give me a final update.

You can shop the Otty range here; they also do dog beds if you fancy treating your four-legged friend!


The Otty mattress and pillow were Gifted items for review

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