Secret Dressing table

Secret Dressing table

Pre-children one of the spare bedrooms used to be my dressing room. I had a large desk with drawers jam-packed with makeup and skincare and I didn’t have to worry about small hands stealing a lipstick. Once we had our daughter and she moved into her own room we really needed my ‘dressing room’ to become a guest room and after numerous re-shuffling of our bedroom furniture, we just couldn’t find a space to fit in my dressing table. We are fortunate that we have two large, built-in cupboards either side of the fireplace in our bedroom and luckily, one of them only had a few old coats hanging in it.


We thought that it might be a good idea to renovate the practically unused cupboard into a new secret dressing area. Firstly we purchased an old off-cut of a kitchen worktop from eBay. After cutting this to fit we then applied batons of wood and drilled these to the back and sides of the cupboard. The worktop then rests neatly on top at waist height.

To make it look a little more finished we hung Andrew Martin wallpaper (left over from toilet renovation) to the back wall and added a shelf for storage. I also purchased a bathroom tidy storage unit to sit underneath for extra storage. The mirror and lamp were from B&Q but they don’t seem to stock either anymore, any mirror will suffice though and I recommend a bendy lamp that can be moved around depending on how much light you need. I have a tub stool that fits nicely underneath (the chair in the picture is not the normal one I use).

Could only find an old picture before we removed the carpet to show you how the cupboard looks from outside

If you have a spare cupboard then this makes a perfect dressing table and on days when you create a huge mess whilst getting ready, you can simply shut the doors and forget about it! If you have inquisitive children you could also pop a lock high on the door also. Shop our bedroom here..

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