Showstopping basins

Showstopping basins

Our basin was gifted to us by The London basin company

A sink. A mundane, everyday object in the house that neither sparks a conversation nor causes you to smile at its beauty..Oh wait….then there’s The London Basin Company.

 You know that Regina Brett quote? Burn the good candles, use the nice sheets and wear the fancy lingerie. Well I think we need to add ‘Get the fancy pants sink’ to the list.The London Basin Company have gifted me a beautiful basin and when I unboxed it I actually gasped! I don’t even think I’m being over-dramatic either!

So who are they?

 The London Basin Company was founded by mother and daughter duo, Anna and Nathalie Callis. They wanted to create basins that would transform bathrooms and even your downstairs loo into an exquisite space.

The handmade porcelain basins are inspired by their love of travel and decorated with intricate patterns to reflect this.

 Each basin is produced using one of two methods. ‘Under the glaze’ basins have the pattern applied to the clay and then the basin is hand glazed and fired. The ‘Over the glaze’ basins are glazed and fired and then the pattern is applied, followed by further firing to ensure the paint is durable.

Basins can be plumbed onto vanity units or if you prefer the look of a floating basin, they have various brackets, which are engineered especially for wall mounting. This is particularly helpful when space is limited, maybe in a small downstairs toilet.

The basin I have is called Isabella. It’s decorated in a Moorish style pattern (Moorish patterns are so beautiful and the style I always love for the tiles in my house). It’s pale blue porcelain but in certain lights it can look white.

 It has an intricate pattern all over with embellishments of topaz and amethyst.

 Although it’s round, it has small flower-like pleats around the edging.

Each sink comes without the waste pipe and faucet so this is something you’ll have to purchase separately. With this particular sink you would need a swan neck style faucet or one that is plumbed into the wall.

My basin will be placed on top of the existing vanity unit. I think the dark blue unit will contrast beautifully against the duck egg blue of the basin.It’s a real showstopper item to have in your home and if you are limited with the décor then why not add a touch of glamour with your basin. Brushing your teeth and staring at your beautiful sink is a good way to start the day.

You can shop the whole collection here. The design choice, shape and colour means there’s something for everyone and the even have less patterned styles if your bathroom already has a lot going on.


Our basin was gifted to us by The London basin company

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