Shutters for a smaller window

Shutters for a smaller window

This is a Sponsored post in collaboration with The Shutter Store UK. Our shutters were gifted to us

If you follow our blog you’ll know we posted last year about our tier on tier shutters from The Shutter Store. I went into detail in that post exactly how the shutters fix together and what is required to assemble them. You can read about that here.

We decided that we would like some shutters in our bathroom but as this is a much smaller window rather than the large bay windows that already had shutters, we decided a café style shutter would look better.

If you are wanting shutters in your bathroom, toilet or room that gets a little steamy then The Shutter Store have specialist waterproof shutters which are made from polyvinyl (although they look and feel just like real wood).

The tier on tier style are composed of a bottom and top shutter, the café style are just the bottom half (well, just over half).

On a smaller window or in a smaller room, this style looks less imposing and when the shutters are opened, it doesn’t take up too much wall space. They add a little something special to a smaller space without being too imposing.

As the café style only requires a three-sided frame, it’s pretty simple to install. It comes as a left, middle and right frame piece which is clearly labelled.

It slots into the outer edge of the recess and has all of the hinges attached with pre-drilled holes for you to then drill in your screw to attach to the wall.

The actual shutters push into the hinge and are secured via a pin.

Shutters will obviously look different on every window but The Shutter Store website talks you through how to measure for your personal window.

If you haven’t heard of The Shutter store, you can check them out here. The costs are kept down because you have to manually input the measurements on the site and then fit them yourself, cutting out the cost of the middle man.

If you are thinking of getting some shutters yourself then you can use our 10% discount code by entering ‘ENDOFTHEROW10’ onto the site at checkout. This is valid until 31st August 2019 so plenty of time to get measuring just in time for the Spring.




This is a Sponsored post in collaboration with The Shutter Store UK. Our shutters were gifted to us

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