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Wickes Panelling

We were gifted our Dahlia sofa as part of a collaboration

My name is Stacey Dyer and I’m a green velvet addict. There, I said it! Is there anything more tactile and cosier than soft velvet and is there a better colour for it to be than green? approached us earlier in the year to show us their spring collection of sofas and I instantly fell in love with the shape of the Dahlia sofa.

Firstly, I have two young children and what that has taught me (with regards to sofa’s) is that back cushions are not the best idea. I have possibly lost the equivalent to 2 days of my life in plumping back cushions up or picking them up off of the floor. The Dahlia doesn’t have back cushions, just a beautiful comfortable back rest with a wonderful silhouette. It also means you can add your own style of scatter cushions and you won’t be overloading the sofa.

Wickes Panelling

 The base cushions are filled with feather and down which allows you to sink into but also keep the shape well.

I was always a bit skeptical of sofa’s with two front wheels but it’s sturdy, doesn’t squeak or move and adds to the glamour. There’s also a choice of wood finish for the legs depending on what suits your room. We went for the English Oak legs with bronze castors.

Let’s talk about the fabric. I know what you’re thinking, velvet with young children, have you lost your mind??? Well I thought the same, however, this is not your average velvet. It’s Smart Velvet! This means that as long as you’re pretty swift on mopping up spills then any liquid simply wipes straight off.  And trust me it works. I mean, I do force my children to only sit on our other sofa and if anyone sits on it with a cup of tea, I’m nervously watching them but it really does wipe off with no staining. So far I’ve swooped in with a piece of kitchen roll to rid my beautiful Dahlia of yogurt, formula milk and jam and it’s tickety-boo.

The Dahlia is available in an armchair, love seat, 2, 2.5 and 3 seater. We have the 2.5 and it snuggles into the corner of our lounge perfectly.

Colour wise, I always knew it would need to be a version of green, mine is the shade Jade. It would slip right into the colour theme of the room but also would stand the test of time if and when we redecorate. But I’m aware green is not for everyone so if you are after something else to blend with your home tones then check out the options available on the site as there’s so many. You can also request samples first if you can’t decide.

 This sofa also comes in lots of different types of fabric from cotton, linen, tweed, herringbone and even leather. There really is an option for everyone.

If you are thinking of updating your seating in your home then give a look. The shape and style range is one of the best out there and if you don’t know what to do with your old sofa then for £50 they will take your old one away for you.

As we’re heading into Autumn I find I spend more time on the sofa than ever so now is the time invest! Happy shopping.


We were gifted our Dahlia sofa as part of a collaboration

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