Tielle Luxury Bed linen

Tielle Luxury Bed linen

This post is in paid partnership with Tielle 

So who else is guilty of checking the labels in the bed linen when you stay at a hotel, trying to find out where it’s from and how you can re-create the look and feel in your own home? I do the same when drinking a coffee from a beautiful pottery mug, tipping it upside down to read the stamp in order to purchase for myself.

 On the occasion when I have stayed at a top-notch hotel, I’ve often seen the thread count of the bed linen listed in the room description. It’s not really something I have paid attention too but after learning about how important this is and how it affects the feel of the linen, it’s something I will now forever take note of.

If you have ever been lucky enough to stay at hotels such as The Savoy, The Lanesborough or Claridge’s then you would’ve experienced Tielle Love Luxury bedding.

 You can now get this extravagance in your own home through their range of bed linen.

Tielle are celebrating their 5th birthday and they have given me a special code to share with you, get 20% off by using ENDOFTHEROW20 if you are thinking of replacing your existing bed linen then now is a good time to do it.

Tielle creators Joe Molloy and Robert Lancaster-Gaye have over 70 years’ combined experience in the industry and only ever use the best materials to create the range. Every step of the process is considered, the stitch used, the type of feather and all whilst being aware of the ethical impact of the trade. They support the Better Cotton Initiative, which aims to improve the cotton industry for both the environment and for those who work in the trade.

So what do we have on our bed? We have the 600TC Smooth and Silky bed linen set. It has a polished sateen finish but feels lightweight and breathable. The finish is impeccable, even down to the unique tie style fastenings at the bottom.

 There is also an embroidery option if you fancy having your initials on your pillowcase.

We also have the Tielle Duck Feather & Down Savoy pillows, which are the brand’s best selling pillows. It’s 70% duck feather and 30% duck down. They have a 100% percale cotton and dust mite proof cover. Just the right amount of firmness to be supportive but also allows you to sink into it at the end of a long day.

What I love the most about this bed linen is that it gives you a hotel bed feel in your own home. I’m always trying to emulate the look of the bed whenever I’ve stayed in a great hotel, but always struggled with the plumped-up bounce that their bed linen seems to have. Well I’ve finally achieved this look, well at least until my children come in and jump all over it.

Don’t forget, if you fancy having the look in your home you can use our 20% discount code by typing in ENDOFTHEROW20 on checkout, this is valid until 31st October. Shop the range here.



This post is in paid partnership with Tielle 

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