Why I live where I live

Why I live where I live

#AD-In paid partnership with Habito

We were asked by online Mortgage provider Habito to get involved with their latest campaign ‘Why I live where I live’.

 What was it that attracted us to our current home and was it a decision we made with head or with heart?

Initially my husband viewed our house on his own, stating I didn’t need to come because he didn’t think he wanted to live on a street fronted house with no driveway. Off he went to view and within 30 minutes I had a call from him explaining that we were absolutely buying this house and need to offer the full asking price immediately!

 What had made him come to this drastic decision? Quite simply, the original features.

From the stained glass wooden door, which opened into a long hallway, typical of the Edwardian/Victorian era, complete with corbels, high ceilings, reclaimed wood flooring and wooden staircase stretching up high above. When he walked into the living room to see the original fireplace with opulent green tiles and grand mantelpiece he was sold, game over!

It was perfect for us to begin the next stage of our lives together, a proper adult house that would accommodate us and our potential children.

Only 25 minutes from the city and 15 minutes from the nearest beach, it really was in the best location for us.

As a self-employed freelancer in the beauty industry I was nervous on how to go about getting a mortgage. Would I need to jump through hoops to be able to even be offered a mortgage and would I have enough evidence to show that I had enough regular income to make repayments. Luckily for me it all worked out and all the money I have paid accountants to do my tax returns correctly was worth it! I’d always wanted to live in a house with a separate dining room to entertain friends and family and finally I could have that.

Dining Room

The mortgage process doesn’t actually always have to be too scary and if you want to get a quote on your mortgage options then Habito can assist you in searching the market for free for the best option for you without even having to leave your living room! Unlike traditional mortgage brokers, Habito uses technology to analyse every mortgage on the market, comparing 20’000 products from 90’000 lenders. They also hold your hand throughout the necessary steps and keep you updated on the progress. You can find out more about this process here. They can help you navigate this normally confusing process if you’re a first time buyer, re-mortgager or even a buy to let landlord. Habito is a free service and even if you’re self employed like me, they can assist you in finding the best home loan.

Habito are turning 3 years old and to celebrate this milestone, they are running a competition on their Instagram to give away £300 each to a winner and their friend to put towards their mortgage. You can check out the competition here.

Head over to the Habito site here to check what they can offer you today.


#AD-In paid partnership with Habito

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