Apothecary style kitchen drawers

Apothecary style kitchen drawers

Christian Blake created our cabinet free of charge in return for review  on our Instagram account and blog,

When we moved into our house we needed an under counter fridge and freezer, luckily for us a friend was getting rid of theirs so we inherited a slightly bashed about fridge that wouldn’t look out of place during the 1980’s! Nonetheless we were very appreciative and thought they would be perfectly fine for the meantime. Fast forward 3 and half years and these relics were still nestled in the corner of our kitchen, physically performing perfectly well but aesthetically were a bit of a disappointment.

We worked out that we could just about squeeze a large free standing ‘American style’ fridge in the corner of our kitchen but what would we then do with the space left behind from the old fridge freezer?

A good friend of ours, Ian Haste from Hastes kitchen has the most amazing kitchen and as chef, he always seems to have great kitchen design ideas. He had a bespoke apothecary draw style area built into his kitchen and it was always an area in his home we loved and admired. He had previously told us that the draws were created by Christian Blake so when Christian also contacted us to see if we were interested in a kitchen collaboration with him, we jumped at the opportunity.

Christian Blake is a master craftsman and has worked in the industry for over 20 years, specialising in bespoke cabinets. Christian meets with all of his clients at their home to personally discuss ideas, get a feel for the house and explore what the client requires.

Afterwards Christian will then measure the space and create a set of plans to meet the client’s needs, create the cabinets in his workshop in Bedfordshire and then return to fit the new kitchen.

After meeting Christian in our home we discussed the opportunity to also have bespoke made apothecary style drawers for our kitchen. Our home is over 100 years old so we wanted something in keeping with the age of our property but also to fulfill or need for extra storage in our kitchen.


 We settled on an oak unit that would slot underneath our current worktops. It would also have a surround that Christain would paint in the same shade as the rest of our kitchen, Manor House Grey by Farrow and ball.

The drawers appear to be singular but actually open up as a set of four along the bottom, two drawers in the center and then singular drawers at the top.

 The handles are iron with a matte, slightly distressed finish rather than a highly polished surface. There’s also a space in the handles to pop a label if required.

The drawers are of an exceptional quality of craftsmanship and the detail Christian has created on the drawer is perfection. The drawers are solid and large enough to fit our saucepans and ceramic kitchenware. The drawers also have a soft close which is great when you have crazy children running around!

 Alongside a selection of kitchen cabinets styles, Christian also creates bespoke furniture such as dressers, storage cabinets and shelving solutions.

 If you are looking to update an area in your home with storage or create a new kitchen then Christian is someone who you can rely on to walk you through the process and create something magnificent for your home.

 If you want to discuss your requirements with Christian, you can contact him via his website here or speak with him directly on 01525 720120.


Christian Blake created our cabinet free of charge in return for review  on our Instagram account and blog,

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