Bedroom Before & After

Bedroom Before & After

Our bedroom is the perfect room for a nap, it’s south facing so it receives all of the afternoon sunshine. When we viewed the house we loved that this room had built in wardrobes and an original fireplace. It’s possibly one of our most favourite rooms in our house but was quite uninspiring. Beige carpet and magnolia walls that made the fireplace disappear into the wall.


We have really taken our time with this room. Painting it, getting used to that and then thinking about the next step. I think it’s really important to live in a room for a while to get a feel for it.


We selected multiple tester pots before we settled on the final colour. A lot of the rooms in our house have a mix of greys and blues but these felt either too cold or too overpowering for this light and airy room. We found our perfect shade in Farrow and Ball Pigeon but using it on all of the walls felt too much.


We painted the bed wall first and then went on to paint the fire breast too. The sage made all of the details on the white fireplace stand out so much more. The remaining walls we painted a white but one that had an undertone of green.

The fireplace didn’t have a hearth so we added in 3 large vintage style tiles with a beaded edging to finish the fireplace off nicely.

We already had all of our bedroom furniture when we moved in, although it was all pine and didn’t really fit in this room.

Whilst 40 weeks pregnant and going insane as I was now 5 days over, I used Annie Sloane Chalk Paint and re painted the whole of our massive wardrobe and bedside tables. It was a massive job but I knew I had to do it before the baby arrived, otherwise I’d never get a chance to finish it.

We transformed one of the built-in wardrobes into a secret dressing table (read about this here). It meant that we didn’t lose any wall space and all of my mess from getting ready in the mornings could just be shut away out of sight.

Ripping up the carpet was the next hurdle. We just couldn’t decide if we should do it or not. We had no idea what the state of the floorboards underneath were like but decided to take the gamble.

Luckily they were in such great quality and after a sand with an industrial sander and a stain with a warm oak varnish, they were perfect.


A large rug still gives us a bit of comfort when stepping out of bed in the morning but because of the room being south facing, the floor never really feels too chilly.

We always knew we wanted a seat in the window so purchased a cream chaise lounge. It gives us the best vantage point up the road to snoop on people.

The final thing we did was the panelling (read about that here).

We adore it and are thinking about doing it in another room too. It makes the room so cosy and grand (if ever MDF can be described as grand!).

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