Fun chest of drawers for children

Fun chest of drawers for children

We have been slowly getting the spare bedroom ready for our 2-year-old to move into. It has been the most fun room to decorate because it feels like there are no rules to follow. Clashing colours and patterns, fun prints and fairy lights, what’s not to enjoy! I’m not sure if this bedroom project has actually been to our daughters taste but it’s the bedroom I wished I had when I was little!

We have only added a few photos of her room on our Instagram, as only half of the room is ready. The area we have revealed included her fun chest of drawers, which I have painted, and it received lots of questions on how I up cycled it, so I thought I would share with you.

Firstly I have seen this style of paint-do on a few others Instagram account and loved it. I’m certainly not original in this style of painting, but what actually is original hey? My inspiration was from @harleybarrettxo who has done a much neater job than me.

You can obviously create this look on any furniture but I purchased the Ikea Rast drawers for £25.00. It’s not the most hardwearing of drawers so if you want something a bit more robust, I’d maybe shop around.

The unit is pine and takes chalk paint really well without flaking or separating and allows the pigment of the paint to appear vibrant.

We used Chalky paint by Rustoleum (and also a random green from Dulux as they didn’t have the tone of green I was after).

The Steps:

  • I removed the drawer handles and measured each drawer in order to divide up into triangles. You can measure for smaller triangles or even do different shapes if you prefer. I lightly marked out the shapes with a pencil and ruler.

  • Using masking tape, line the outside edges of each shape that you are painting in your first colour and carefully using a smallish brush paint your chosen shade within the lines. I did two coats and you need to wait for this paint to dry before moving onto the next colour. I also masked out the triangles I wanted to leave bare.

  • Once all the triangles in your first paint are dry, remove the tape and repeat the steps for the next colour. You’ll need to apply tape over painted areas when doing adjacent triangles but just be cautious when removing the tape.

  • I didn’t really have any pattern that I followed but you can create a more symmetrical design if preferred. I also left a few triangles blank to show the pine through.

  • Once completed you can apply a sealant, I actually haven’t done this yet but I believe Rust-oleum also sell these.

This was a really fun and super easy transformation and it adds a fun accent piece to a child (or even adults) bedroom. I’d love to see your geometric paint jobs if you’ve done one, tag us in on your creations.


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