Making a house a home

Making a house a home

#AD This is a paid for collaboration with Furniture Village

I saw a quote recently that said “ Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark”. This is so true, especially during the time we are all living in at the moment. A place to retreat to when everything else seems a little overwhelming and out of control.

 I believe a home is an expression of who we are and I’ve always loved to fill mine with areas within rooms that mean something to my family or me.

 A corner to read or drink a cup of tea, a wall filled with photos and prints that are relevant to us and a bed layered with different textured fabrics to give a cosy safe feeling.

Furniture Village have looked into what it really means to ‘Feel at home’ and 65% of those surveyed said that sleeping in their own bed was their number one reason why their house felt like home.

 They also listed freshly washed bed sheets, natural light, a fireplace, plants and blankets and throws as key factors.

I’ve always filled my home with useful items. I’m not one for a lot of ‘extra stuff’ just for decoration but I love functional pieces that serve a purpose whilst reflecting my style. I also feel that as seasons change or as our taste changes, we should adapt our home to reflect this.

 I’m a big fan of colour blocking and mixing fabrics and textures to make a tactile and welcoming room. Patterns add interest but teamed up with a block colour they can also be balanced out and calming. Unique shaped furniture that nestles into the space and curves around each other can make an area feel more relaxing and I think it’s especially important to get the lighting right depending on what you want to use the room for.

48% of those surveyed said having a space on the sofa confirms to them that they are home and I have to agree. Over the last few months, our lounge has been our sanctuary. The shutters have been flung open to let the most amount of light in as possible and as evening comes, table lights and down lit floor lamps are switched on to give a soft lighting or a spot light over my cross-stitch (a new hobby I’ve found very therapeutic during this time!)

  We have wooden floors but have cosy rugs underfoot and a footstool is always near by to balance snack on or to allow us extra foot room when we all need to squeeze on the sofa together.

I have compiled an edit of some key items from Furniture Village that I feel would make an ideal cosy corner to retreat within the lounge, using bold colours and patterns but softened by lighting and greenery.

The Connection fabric accent chair has a great shape to sit in a quiet corner. The Tangerine will add an interesting pop of colour or a contrast to other shades you may have in the room and team it up with a soft cushion in Dragon’s Eye.

 Rugs work on top of carpet or wooden floor and if you’re going for a bold colour block chair then a patterned rug always works well underfoot.

 I’m really into round mirrors, maybe it’s growing up by the sea but I love the nautical feel it gives. The oriel mirror will bounce the light around the room but if you need additional lighting for a darker corner then a brass, adjustable floor lamp can pivot around you and still look classy.

 Pop a small side table such as the Diego lamp table for your coffee and a faux Fiddle leaf next to you to bring a little of the outdoors in and you’re all set for an enviable corner to relax, read and eventually entertain.

Have you found that your style has changed over the last few months whilst we’ve all been staying indoors? What additions are you planning to add to make your house feel like home? You can read more about the survey from Furniture Village here.


#AD This is a paid for collaboration with Furniture Village


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